do you have a separate account you post ageplay on?

No, babe, my ageplay it’s here :)

Tough (Masterpost)

"He had a tough life. See, Zayn wasn’t a normal 16 years old guy. He was born on an ageplay family and never had to go to school or have anything a normal teenager would need. It was until his house was robbed and his parents were killed, and he was kidnapped. And he was never treated well since then. Could four other guys change it?"

Status: WIP (hiatus)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5 (to come)

Guys, I’m planning on writing a new fic (but I’ll still keep writing Tough), and this is the storyline, so tell me if you like it?

Ok, it’ll be an mpreg AND age play ziam fic, where Zayn will be pregnant but he’s an age play baby, and we’ll see how their relationship will take place now that there’s an actual baby in their lives.

So, what do you think? Should I write? 

when are you planing on updating?

I guess today or tomorrow

what are you working on next?

A ziam ageplay :)

Sicky Zee (Zayn Centric ageplay ficlet)

Based on this prompt:

Can you do an ageplay with toddler louis or zayn(I dont mind who’s the daddies) and he’s sick cause he hasn’t been messing his nappies? Just fluff when they takr him to the doctor (rectal temperature plsss) and lots of cuddles :)

I hope it’s the way you wanted to, love! I did my best, haha. I loved the prompt by the way. :)

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could you do a ageplay prompt where they are trying to switch baby niall from bottles to sippy cups

I only do baby Harry, Louis and Zayn, really sorry though babe :/

Pls do an age play where Zayn is Veronica (like an actual girl) and Harry is Zayn's age play baby and she breastfeeds him and Louis, Niall, and Liam (Zayn's husbands) get off to it?

I don’t think I can write it because it’s kinda het, so… Sorry babe :/

Hello have you done chapter 5 for the story tough ever? If you haven't please do it I love that story

I’ll soon love :)


I will!